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East Bay and Walnut Creek counties allowed residents to return to their homes on Friday for the first time in more than a year. Health officials said Monday that the West Contra Costa County Health Department and California's Department of Health have opened their doors to residents of the town of Walnuts Creek.

City officials had been waiting for Reagan to sign the Quimby-Walsh Act to stifle topless and floor-to-ceiling madness. The law allowed cities and counties to regulate how waiters, waitresses and entertainers dress in bars and restaurants.

Of course they shot it down, but a law was recently proposed to extend call times in certain cities.

Strip clubs are banned in Contra Costa and neighboring Bay Area counties such as Alameda, San Francisco and Santa Clara. There are also legal strip clubs in the cities of Hayward, Emeryville and Berkeley, but Other East Bay cities have restricted or prevented their opening. The Oakland County ban means that cities like Hayward and Emeryville in Berkeley have no legal strip clubs at all, though there are legal strip clubs. California recently eased restrictions on the county, which is trying to reopen its economy because of a coronavirus pandemic, after local politicians complained that the original requirements were too difficult to meet.

The ranch is also located in an open area of the Shell Range, which includes many hiking trails. There are also a number of hiking and mountain biking trails in the area, but Concord acts as a central location, as in many other parts of Contra Costa County and the Bay Area.

The county must also meet the state's requirement that the rate of positive coronavirus tests drop to 8%, but that is on hold because of statewide regulations. I visited the park on a sunny day, when the hills turned sparkling green and the weather was good, and returned with a good view of San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge and San Jose Bay.

Have you ever used heroin, methamphetamine or any form of cocaine, and have you ever used cocaine? People who have health insurance but not through Medicare, Medicaid or the federal government's Medicaid program.

If you go to a local dance club or bar, even the most erudite clubgoer will find a place to stay, offering guests ebi hamachi downstairs and a DJ who sings R & B tunes. On Wednesday and Sunday, world-class DJ plays hip music, on Thursdays the Salsa Night adds spice On Tuesday Country Night, put on your boots and rock for jam night. Perhaps it is the funky vibe you get, the toe-tapping and jumping, that gets most Luka fans in the mood to dance through the night. If your gam gets sore, you can skip it and jump straight back to the bar for a drink or two, but even if you're in a funky mood, don't jump out of your seat.

The exterior of this Abernathy-era relic is a pedestrian street outside the doughnut shop. At Sunshine Saloon, bar dancing is a serious business, with a bar with a huge floor covering the space behind the bar. Latin music, presented by a live band and a house DJ, after dinner or all night, dancing away.

Overall, downtown Walnut Creek's nightlife is better than in a handful of Penninsula and South Bay towns, including the one I mentioned, but nothing stands out too much compared to a number of other Bay Area cities. Compared to SF, East Bay nightlife is not only lackluster, but also better, and it is a destination that holds its own, even if only in San Francisco. The nightlife here is full of conviviality and fun, even the VIP lounge overlooking the dance floor.

Vinnie's Bar (vinniesbar.com) serves drinks, snacks and international flare music six nights a week. The club opens for breakfast and lunch, but after sunset it comes alive with a cocktail and dancing on the dance floor, sipping on deep fried pizza. There are also a few options for those who want to eat but don't want to take out a music deal.

The Bar & Grill (timeoutbarpatio.com) is open from 11am to midnight, when locals hang out on the outdoor terrace, play backgammon, dominoes and chess or enjoy a game of pool. Live music is played every Friday and Saturday evening, and every Saturday and Sunday.

This modern lounge is a place on the East Bay to let loose and dance to the best rock and top 40 genres. The lounge is primarily aimed at a younger audience, but features live music from the Bay Area's leading jazz, blues and hip-hop artists, as well as a good West Coast DJ with rotating mash-ups. Between the two full-service bars, you can choose between the Latin House Room, which offers salsa, rock, espanol and meringue, or the Room that plays rhythm, blue rock or house music.

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More About Walnut Creek