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Here is a list of the best things to do when visiting the charming Bay Area town of Walnut Creek in California.

Walnut Creek is located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, just a few miles from where I live and work, and is one of the best small towns in the country. It is located in an area with a fast transportation system, making it the perfect gateway to beautiful neighboring towns, but you have to travel to Walnuts Creek to find great restaurants. You can find them anywhere in town, whether you find them in the local grocery store, in a local café or in one of the many cafes and restaurants, as well as in local bars and cafés.

The outdoor seating area is ideal for enjoying the variety of small plates in the restaurant during the sunny lunch break. The invitation to the new outdoor terrace makes it easy to indulge in a Benedict's Bloody Mary brunch or a family dinner - in the style of fried chicken. Recharge your batteries while you recharge your mouth - soaked in this amazing restaurant, located just a stone's throw away.

When it comes to a large salad, this casual establishment serves a delicious salad with a plate of fresh vegetables and grilled meat piled on top. This delicious tea leaf salad is your favourite - for lunch, with fresh salad, romaine tomatoes, cucumbers and fresh herbs. When it comes to large salads, these casual eaters serve an appetizer - salad casserole style with plates of fresher vegetables, grilled meats or a combination of both. And when it came to the biggest salad of all, they served it in the style of a salad - like a dish with vegetables, salad and meat.

Peruvian cuisine - inspired by dishes such as chorizo, quesadillas, tacos, burritos, churros and more, with fresh vegetables, fresh herbs and fresh fruit, as well as a variety of meats.

Some standout dishes are the grass-fed grasburger and the burrata toast, which is served on the magnificent courtyard. Make sure to try the delicious vegan burger with a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as the vegetarian burger with avocado and avocado sauce.

Calicraft Brewing Company serves some fantastic beers and don't forget to taste some of their delicious wines as well as their fantastic food. If you visit this charming city, you should do all of this, but don't forget to tell us your favorite things on our list!

Diablo Hills Regional Park is located at the foot of Mount Diablo and is a public park covering an area of approximately 1,060 hectares. Visit the Boundary Oak Golf Course and enjoy golf while enjoying the panoramic views of your surroundings. In addition to the ranch complex, there are several hiking trails where you can hike, mountain bike and even horse ride.

This beautiful drought tolerant garden is a unique feature that makes the garden environmentally friendly. The breathtaking flora of this garden consists of a variety of plants, trees, shrubs, flowers and trees from all over the world. This dry garden was the first of its kind to be conserved by the Garden Conservancy of America. It was founded to enhance the natural beauty of the Ygnacio Valley and to make the natural environment more inviting.

If you feel like living it, sizzle a fillet covered in bear-nose potatoes and lyonnaise and take it to the next level. This restaurant is definitely on this list, and if you want to take a friend along and try the kitchen sink that can accommodate up to six people, the giant sundaes are ideal. Here you can eat with a glass of wine or beer and be pampered with excellent food.

If you can, go to the restaurant to enjoy a glass of wine or beer and one or two of their typical dishes such as the poutine.

Chef Jon Lee describes the food as "Asian confusion" and the menu features a dish mysteriously named "Typhoon Lover." Chef Jon is originally from Bali and wants to bring a wide variety of Asian dishes together in his kitchen. I assure you that he is not afraid of anything, not even of the strange and wonderful.

The store's Victorian décor gives the food a sense of time travel, and the bakery's bakery makes its baked goods, including bread and pastries, from scratch without the addition of preservatives. The pasta is homemade like anything you buy and worth a try if you have ever had fresh pasta. San Francisco Creamery Co. sells its own version of children's cookies, which can even be tried at home with kids. They are becoming more popular, but they are all made in the store in the traditional way.

The restaurant is open to take-away, sit down and terrace service, and the Takeout / Patio Dining Mo - Sun restaurant. The restaurant has been open for several years and offers a bar, barbecue on the terrace and a large courtyard.

More About Walnut Creek

More About Walnut Creek