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The Golden Rain Foundation, which operates outside of Rossmoor, canceled a women's conference scheduled for Monday and a film event sponsored by San Francisco Ballet, Cinequest and other organizations in the region. The pop-up organization was the latest organization to cancel or postpone a meeting or event on Sunday because of the spread of COVID-19, according to a recent report from the Los Angeles County Office of Public Health (OCOPH). The cancellation comes after several organizations, including the New York City Symphony, San Diego Opera and the Bay Area Symphony, canceled or postponed events scheduled for this weekend. In addition to cancelling a performance scheduled for Sunday, the orchestra also canceled a performance scheduled for March 20, and on Monday, the performance of "The Nutcracker," scheduled for Saturday, was canceled.

Religious institutions in the bay are also working to serve residents to reduce the spread of the virus. The congregation of Beth Am canceled its Shabbat service in Los Altos Hills on Friday, but people were still able to attend, the organization said. It will hold its Shabbat service at its San Francisco Bay Area location on Saturday, and at the same location on Sunday.

The museum is operated by the Walnut Creek Historical Society and is owned by the city and is registered with the Historic Places National Register. It will take place on Saturday, April 1, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Walnuts Creek Historical Museum.

The site also has a map of the competition venues for those who want to find and run a certain number of series races. A medal race in late August takes place in Northern California, and there are a number of races in the Bay Area, from San Francisco to San Jose to San Diego.

The series is run by Team BlueSky Events, which organises some events in the series, and I did some research before signing up for a race to start with RaceRaves. The races will likely be similar to the Blue Sky map, with many different races in different regions of the state. I've run every race in this series this year and I've competed in a medal race at the end of every year, so I'm really excited to see what races they're going to do next year. Bluesky has 17 races on their card so far (9 races count, although that number may increase with my growth), and they also have a number of other events on Facebook and Twitter.

From the runners "point of view, the series website has a calendar where you can see the various races of the series on a monthly calendar page. The series compiles a list of events from the past years that may or may not be part of this year's series. The events of previous years may have joined the series earlier this year, or they may have come a little later.

This is a mass start event, so if you are planning a quick start, you should arrive early to make sure you are as close to the start line as possible. The only exception to R & R is that parking is on-site and runners have to decide where they want to park. This is the only race in the series where there is no parking in front of the starting line except the team car park. PB hunting, but there are many other options for those interested in hunting a PB.

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More About Walnut Creek